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For all inquiries, please fill in the questionnaire and we’ll get back to you very shortly. Candidates wishing to send their CV may do so on the page “Job Offers” by clicking on Apply anf follow the instructions.

Head Office FRANCE :                            AUSTRALIAN Head Office
27 Place de la Madeleine                      Suite 3, Level 27
F-75008 PARIS                                         Governor Macquarie Tower
Tel. +33 4 72 53 45 20                            1 Farrer Place
Fax. +33 4 88 56 52 25                           SYDNEY NSW 2000
                                                                   Phone : (+61) 458 870 540                       



Our consultants are happy to deal with local or international recruitment or training assignments for every need or position in the hospitality industry.

You are welcome to contact us through the “contact” page of this website.

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